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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stepper Motors Offer High Output Torque

Stepper Motors

Mclennan Servo Supplies has added the Portescap H3 series enhanced performance hybrid stepper motor to its range of motion control products. Thanks to its neodymium high-energy rotor magnets, Sigmax enhanced flux focussing stator and high heat-loss aluminium housing, the NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sized motor delivers a 15% to 40% higher output torque with 10% lower power consumption when compared to other high-performance hybrid stepper motors. The H3 series also features larger diameter, sealed ball race bearings with an improved bearing retainer and o-ring design to provide higher axial and radial shaft loading, prevent bearing spinout, eliminate axial play and reduce motor noise.
Available in a wide choice of stack lengths with unipolar and bipolar windings, the 200 step/rev H3 range can provide improved speed/torque performance with higher throughput and duty cycle capability as a form-fit replacement for existing stepper motor applications. Alternatively it can offer the motion system designer considerable space savings for high-performance precision motion in a broad range of automation applications - including medical/biotech, textiles, packaging, electronics, office automation and vending. Manufactured in Portescap’s ISO9002 certified Malaysian production facility, the range has a very competitive pricing structure and is available with customised windings, connectors, pinions and shaft modifications in relatively small volumes.
Mclennan have made a large stock investment in the H3 range to ensure a fast delivery turnaround, and using its own design, manufacturing and distribution capability is able to offer complete integrated mechatronics assemblies based around the H3 with spur and planetary gearboxes, customised mechanics and other power train components in addition to stepper drives and motion controls

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